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Curtin University

Managing Students

Expectations related to student behaviour are set out in the Student Charter (, which was developed in partnership by the Student Guild and the University. Students have responsibilities and are expected to:

  1. Inform themselves of, and comply with, all relevant laws, University Statutes, rules, by-laws, the University's Values and signature behaviours, policies and procedures relating to their rights and responsibilities as a student.
  2. Participate constructively in the learning experience.
  3. Be aware of course and unit requirements and their individual academic progress.
  4. Behave in an appropriate manner within the learning environment, showing respect for both staff and fellow students at all times.
  5. Use University facilities and services in an honest and responsible manner.
  6. Recognise that cheating, plagiarism and fabrication or falsifications of data are not acceptable.
  7. Embrace and recognise diversity.
  8. Adhere to the proper use of copyright material.