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Unit Outline

The unit outline is a binding document. What is learnt and assessed in units must be communicated very clearly in language which is easily understood by students who are not experts in the discipline.

The Unit Outline Builder (UOB) is a system designed for the creation, revision, review, and publication of unit outlines. The UOB system extracts authoritative unit information from existing corporate applications such as Student One and enables authorised people at Curtin to produce and publish approved unit outlines. The UOB is currently being phased in across the University and responsibility for its implementation sits with each School.

Making changes to a unit outline

Each unit outline must be reviewed and updated for every study period in which the unit is offered by the Unit Coordinator to ensure it is accurate and current. A unit outline is an official record of the University. Changes can only be made to the official data in a unit outline by following the procedures specified in the Course Approval and Quality Manual.

After a unit outline has been made available to students, the assessment details, criteria for successful completion of the unit, and due dates for assignments and other assessment tasks, may be altered only with the consent of the majority of the students enrolled in the unit. Consent must be documented and made available to the Head of School as required.


A Unit Coordinator is responsible for:

  • establishing with their Head of School/Department that their name is correctly recorded in Student One as the named Unit Coordinator for each relevant unit in each study period;
  • monitoring, reviewing and revising the unit outline for each study period in which the unit is available to students;
  • including feedback from branch and offshore unit coordinators in the review process;
  • ensuring they comply with the appropriate course and unit approval policies when amending a unit outline;
  • liaising with their Course Coordinator and Head of School in order to:
  • facilitating a review process for each unit they coordinate, and
  • following the procedure (as per the policies) to gain consent and approval for any alterations to a unit once the unit has commenced in any given study period.

For further information:

Teaching and Learning Handbook - Chapter 4 (current version 2010)