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Curtin University

Key policies and procedures for
the Unit Coordinator

Policies relating to Teaching and Learning (listed alphabetically) can be found at:

Policies relating to Human Resources (listed alphabetically) can be found at:

Policy or procedural document (direct link) Purpose of Document Relevant Policy Webpage (if direct link has broken)
Admission and Enrolment Manual (issued annually by Student Central)

This manual is a consolidation of policies and procedures relating to the admission and enrolment of coursework students at Curtin University.

Units Policy (see also under Policy Schedule: Schedule A - Guidelines for Units)

To provide the framework for the development, nomenclature, use and deactivation of units.

Assessment and Student Progression Manual

This manual is a consolidation of policies and procedures relating to assessment and academic progress of students.

Copyright Policy and Procedures

To ensure that the University adheres to Australian legislative requirements relating to the copying, communication or performance of copyright material; and that Curtin staff and students are in a position to make legitimate use of such copyright material to assist their study, research or teaching activities.

Course Approval Policy and Procedures

To set out the University approval process for new courses and changes to existing courses and their component majors, streams and units.

Fieldwork Education Policy

To provide a framework for maximising achievement of learning outcomes and to ensure a safe and supportive environment during fieldwork education activities.

Graduate Attributes Policy

Outlines the graduate attributes that a student is expected to develop while studying at Curtin.

Plagiarism Policy and Procedures

This document outlines University policy and procedures associated with the management of plagiarism in student work. This policy is to be read in conjunction with Statute No. 10 - Student Discipline and the Academic Misconduct Rules.

Service Teaching Policy

To describe the development, delivery and management of service teaching. It should also assist Teaching Areas to determine when service teaching should be utilised and the responsibilities of parties involved.

Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out the expectations and responsibilities of students and has been developed in partnership between the University and the Student Guild.

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Policy

This document details the manner in which the University evaluates teaching and learning through its principal system of student feedback called eVALUate, and recognises that it is one of a number of ways of evaluating teaching and learning effectiveness.

Textbooks Policy and Procedures

To ensure pedagogical soundness, student accessibility and ethical standards are maintained in the selection and use of textbooks by academic staff.

Appointment of Sessional Academic Staff Policy and Procedures

To promote a consistent approach to the appointment of sessional academic staff who will support the University's vision and values of quality learning outcomes for students.

Unit Outline Policy

To ensure all students are provided with essential administrative information about a unit of study and to guide them in achieving the learning outcomes for the unit.