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Curtin University


The Unit Coordinator can ensure a positive learning environment is created amongst the teaching staff by ensuring that sessional staff are:

  • welcomed to the University and treated fairly, respectfully and professionally;
  • attending relevant induction, training and professional development programs including Foundations of Learning and Teaching (see Training in Tertiary Teaching For Sessional Staff policy);
  • supported in understanding Curtin policies and procedures;
  • given access to relevant employment information and that all actions have been completed to ensure required access to facilities and resources have been made available; and
  • included as collaborative partners to constantly improve student learning experiences and outcomes.
  • adopting inclusive work practices to ensure that staff are invited to participate in relevant University functions and activities;
  • involved in the moderation process with all the members of the teaching team.

A Unit Coordinator must ensure that remote, off-campus and offshore lecturers and tutors receive course and unit materials in a timely fashion, (a minimum of two weeks before StartUp week on branch campus) and communicate with them on a regular basis to ensure that the unit is delivered smoothly and comparably in each location.

Although Curtin systems recognise only one unit coordinator per unit, where there are local coordinators on branch campuses or offshore locations, the main campus Unit Coordinator must consult closely with that person regarding the particular contexts and student needs for that location. Check status of the coordinators offshore as this may vary for each faculty.

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