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Curtin University


In the initial stages of the Project, the team assembled internal and external reference groups with Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics with expertise in the intercultural educational space. The Reference groups have been instrumental is guiding and informing the development of the Leadership Program, as well as supporting the adoption of the Program and initiatives arising out of the Working Together model more broadly (employment and training) across other faculties and learning contexts.

To develop the Leadership Program, the team conducted focus groups with tutors and other educators to explore some of the challenges and strategies they experience teaching Indigenous content. The team also conducted considerable scoping and synthesis of a wide range of teaching and learning resources specific to the Intercultural and Indigenous context, with material drawn from Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The Project is currently trialling the second round of the Leadership Program, which will be evaluated and refined so as to make it suitable and available for educators delivering Indigenous content in a variety of spaces.