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Curtin University

Project Overview

Building Leadership Capacity for Work Integrated Learning: Developing Fieldwork Coordinators as Academic Leaders

Fieldwork (a form of work integrated learning [WIL]) is an integral component of many courses and provides students with an opportunity to build their graduate employability and confidence, consolidate their professional skills, as well as develop positive professional attitudes and qualities. Fieldwork, as it is used in this project, incorporates field placements, field education, clinical practice and practice placements (Cooper and Briggs, 2000). Despite needing sophisticated leadership skills to manage fieldwork education programs in order to maximise benefits for students, the university and external partner organisations (Coll & Eames, 2004), Fieldwork Coordinators (FCs) remain largely invisible in their roles within universities. In a recent national scoping study of work integrated learning, Patrick et al. (2009) strongly supported leadership development for FCs. The aim of this Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) funded project, therefore, is to design and implement an academic leadership development program for FCs from a wide variety of disciplines.

The project commenced in December 2009 and was due for completion in October 2011. It builds on an earlier ALTC funded project that developed an academic leadership development program for Course Coordinators.

Following the completion of the project, all the FC leadership development program resources, materials and project publications have been made available from this website.

Curtin University of Technology is the lead institution on this project, partnered with Charles Sturt University.