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Curtin University

This is the dissemination website for the Australian Learning and Teaching Council funded project LE9 1234: Building Leadership Capacity for Work Integrated Learning: Developing Fieldwork Coordinators as Academic Leaders. The aim of this project was to design and pilot an academic leadership development program for Fieldwork Coordinators.

At this website you can download the project final report, Leading Fieldwork: Academic Leadership for Fieldwork, The Academic Leadership for Fieldwork Coordinators Program: A Guide to Coordination and Facilitation and all the resources to enable the adoption and adaption of the Program to your local context.

The Program resources are broken to three groups:

  • Pre, post and general Program resources
  • Individual module resources
  • Other useful links including project publications

Creative Commons Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License


Allows students to learn through direct implementation of their professional roles in real workplace settings. Workplaces, in this definition of fieldwork, are on or off-campus facilities. Fieldwork learning, a form of work-integrated-learning, involves supervision to provide safeguards to ensure duty of care for clients and students. Fieldwork is also known as practicum, professional experience, internships, extra-mural placements or clinical placements.

Fieldwork Coordinators:

Academic staff members responsible for the management and coordination of a fieldwork learning program which supports high quality student learning experiences. An important element of fieldwork coordination is fostering productive and reciprocal partnerships between fieldwork learning partners, the University and students.