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Academic Leadership Programs

About Academic Leadership Programs

Leadership of learning and teaching in higher education is complex; it encompasses various roles, issues, challenges, responsibilities and opportunities for change and development within institutional settings. The practice of academic and intercultural leadership takes many forms as is evident in the roles of course, unit and fieldwork coordinators. Information and resources that have emerged from various research projects funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council / Office for Learning and Teaching are disseminated via this website. Capability profiles, insights to inform and guide role articulation and practical strategies are supplied to assist staff develop and improve their academic and intercultural leadership practices.

Unit CoordinatorsUnit Coordinators

This website will assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities as a Unit Coordinator and is a quick resource for busy academic staff.

Academic Leadership for Course Coordinators ProgramCourse Coordinators

The Academic Leadership for Course Coordinators Program provides course coordinators with theoretical and practical ideas and resources relating to academic leadership.

ALCCP Learning Leaders DisseminationCourse Coordinators

An extensive range of revised program resources available to the tertiary sector from the ALCC project whose aim was to research, develop and trial an experiential leadership development program specifically tailored to the Course Coordinator role.

Fieldwork CoordinatorsFieldwork Coordinators

An academic leadership development program for Fieldwork Coordinators from a wide variety of disciplines.

Working Together: Intercultural LeadershipWorking Together

The Working Together Project aims to design, trial, evaluate and refine a Model that develops intercultural leadership capabilities in Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators teaching Indigenous material.